Dedicated professionals connected to a whole community of opportunities

Raritan Learning Cooperative helps teenagers live and learn without school. Our staff supports teens as they create personalized educations based on their interests, strengths, and goals.

We offer mentoring and guidance and a safe and comfortable place to work and socialize. In addition, we offer a range of opportunities for learning and growth, including classes that run throughout the day, one-on-one tutorials, and excursions into the wider world. We help our teens find internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities, and we help them with college admissions and other transitional steps as they move on to their adult lives.

A Learning Community

respect tableRaritan Learning Cooperative is a safe and welcoming community of teens and adults.

On any given day, you will find teens, staff and volunteers participating in classes or activities, playing games, talking, laughing, going for walks, or sitting quietly and reading or working on projects.

By having more personal autonomy – while working within the community – teens can practice leadership, communication and collaboration skills in real ways that reflect what they will need later in life.

Our Staff

MaryBeth Healy

I enjoyed the administrative and outreach work I did for the past year and a half to get our new center started. And I am REALLY enjoying spending my days with an awesome group of kids at RLC now that our doors are open!

For fun I listen to music, play the piano, hike and act silly with my daughter.

The creative expressions I am currently into are singing in the parent choir at my daughter’s school and dabbling in Mendi, the traditional art of painting with henna.

You can reach me at marybeth@raritanlearningcooperative.org.

Greg Ogden

I am excited to be the apprentice at RLC this year. I have many years of professional experience in childcare and education, and a passion for both teaching and learning. As soon as I heard about RLC, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and love of music, philosophy, art, and science with the young people at RLC.

You can reach me at greg@raritanlearningcooperative.org.

Joel Hammon

At RLC, my main role is to talk to a lot of people – potential members, volunteers, donors. I also teach a little bit and handle some of the administrative tasks.

I have two children and enjoy running, playing guitar, reading and being a part of the education revolution 🙂

Along with Paul Scutt, I co-founded Princeton Learning Cooperative in 2010 after teaching in public and private schools for 11 years, but now spends some time each week at all three of our centers. You can see me talk about the decision to start PLC in my TEDx talk from 2017.

You can reach me at joel@princetonlearningcooperative.org.

Scott Gallagher

I have been teaching reading and writing for 17 years and I like storytelling in all forms, either in writing, film, or my favorite, radio. I love all kinds of music, and dabble in guitar and piano. I grew up surfing and try to get to the ocean as much as possible.

I have one daughter and in the summer we can be found tending our blueberry bushes and vegetable garden, or foraging in the forest for wild plants.

At RLC my main role is with outreach efforts, organizing and hosting open houses and community events.

You can be in touch with me at scott@raritanlearningcooperative.org.

RLC’s staff members are MaryBeth, Joel, Jack, and Scott, but it takes many, many more dedicated people to make RLC work. Learn about the rest of the team.