a teen painting a canvas on an easel

Loie explains how leaving school and starting at RLC has helped her find a better life:

I started not liking school in around 6th grade. It wasn’t one thing in particular. It was a whole slew of things. I felt like I was being taught things that I didn’t need to even know, and that I definitely wasn’t interested in. I hated the fact that every night I’d be an anxious mess and be dreading going to school the next morning. Finally I stopped going altogether midway through 8th grade. For the rest of the year, I studied and learned on my own. I listened to tons of podcasts, watched documentaries, and started making my art. 

In 9th grade, I decided to go to RLC. I started taking classes that I was actually interested in while still having free time to continue my personal interests. Now I have a group of close friends, and go to classes I love while still studying subjects on my own (religion, spirituality, podcasts, art, and philosophy). Now I don’t feel dread about going to school anymore, and in the morning I’m actually excited to go. 

–Loie, 2023