RLC can be a life-changing option for a teen and their family


RLC can be a life-changing option for a teen and their family. A welcoming community and one-on-one mentoring support teens in creating a personalized path for learning and life. Our teen members are supported in following interests, finding learning opportunities and reach any goals they have in life, including college and career.

Our current full-year tuition is $13,500. This is pro-rated for members who join mid-year.

We are primarily funded by membership fees with no assistance from the state or federal government. We ask that families make a good faith effort to cover the full membership fees and to make financially supporting the cooperative a top family priority.

We are committed to making sure that RLC is economically diverse and therefore offer fee reductions based on need if and when the full fees are simply impossible for a family to pay.

The application process typically begins with an email or phone conversation. We can answer your initial questions about RLC and find a time for an in-person chat—with just the parents if desired, but ideally including the teen. After this conversation, we will be available to support you in your decision making. If the family and teen feel that RLC is a good fit the next step is to fill out our Member Application.

If space is available at RLC and we feel we can be helpful, we will schedule a family meeting to go over membership paperwork, answer any additional questions and to finalize financial details.

We accept applications and new members at any point in the year.

Please contact us to find out what RLC can offer to your family.

If you are interested, or have questions, be in touch: