MaryBeth Healy

Korben’s parents explain the difference RLC made for him:

Korben came to Raritan Learning Cooperative after years of trying a variety of schooling options. It was a battle for Korben to wake up every morning and do the school thing. He just didn’t see the value in attending school. He wanted to make choices in his life that were meaningful for him and he was motivated to do the things that he enjoyed and loved.

We were apprehensive when he started, remembering all our other experiences, but what we saw was a kid doing things we had not seen him do in years and trying things that we never thought he would be interested in trying. He was making stain glass pieces, exploring nature, learning technical drawing and computer programming. Most notably, Korben was excited about getting to the center every day he could. Wanting to be there, this was something new. In Korben’s second year, began an internship at Game-U, where he spend a lot of time teaching and learning computer programming, which is one of his passions.

Taking ownership of his education, having the freedom to choose from a range of classes, coming up with classes, and to have the opportunity to teach them based on his interests was what made all the difference for him. I have a kid who is excited about learning, and who has the freedom to mold it into what he wants it to look like.